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Family day doesn't have to be disneyland or out of the town. It doesn't have to wait for summer vacations or winter holidays. Family day can be spent on weekdays on a simple and cheap way. For kids, having some time to play and have fun with their busy parents is to go out even at the park.

Me and my husband works in a traditional way 9-5 Monday to Friday job. Kids go to school the same time we we're at work. On Saturdays we tried our best to finished all obligations and house task to free all Sunday for the family bonding. Saturday would be our grocery day, laundry and general cleaning day. Alternately we dinner out on Saturday to give us a comfort of a new taste and new menus. This is my husbands bonus for me and my kids.

Sunday is always our family day. We usually spent the day at the park the whole day on fine weather. If the weather is bad we just spent the day at home with our indoor games. For both indoors and outdoors treasured moments, we settled down with an interesting learning and fun games.

Here I will share our Sunday happenings.

In the morning I prepare our lunch box with finger foods. Foods that do not need knife, and both spoon and fork. Such foods are fried chicken or baked chicken into butter, breaded pork fillet, fries, cut veggies and fruits to name a few. I also prepare juices either squeezed or pressed. And there is a separate cold green tea or just a plain water in a jar filled with ice cubes. Snacks also separated, usually snacks are sandwiches or baked muffins or home-baked breads with a choice of dried fruits and nuts.

For our games, we have some ball games, boomerangs or kites and a lot more. Games are seasonal for us. Because we have four seasons, we need to adjust games we play at the park. But as always, we provide a tent to rest and keep our things away from insects. Having a tent also gives us privacy when eating or during rest time. Or sometimes we play board games inside the tent to cool down before we packed up.

There are a lot more ways to enjoy your Sunday with the family on a budget. Just be creative and focused on your goal to provide your kids with a memorable Sundays in their life.

Baking The Best Bread

If I have to choose from my kitchen appliances to go along with me, I will go for a bread machine and oven.

My family loves the freshly baked bread aroma. And they love breads either. But how I achieve this is by using a bread maker and an oven.

I set my bread maker to mix and knead the dough finely for me. A good bread maker can completely do the mixing without lamps. Popping all the desired ingredients into the bread machine and setting up the right mixing time and I'm almost done with the bread.

Next thing is to shape the dough. Here I sometimes apply artistic designs. Or rather let the kids shape the dough as to how they want it to be. Another way to share fun times with the kids, yet another good memories I can give them. Also they learn the process of making a bread with the bread maker.

Leave it for hours to rise up, wrapping the dough with damp white cloth. Why damp cloth? It's helping to activate the yeast.

Lastly, here comes my convection oven. I prefer  baking breads on the convection oven. I have much control on the bread skin browns and the right softness.

This is how the two appliances goes with my breads. The bread maker mixes the dough, and the convection oven give the finishing touch. How wonderful it is to have these both in the kitchen. It helps a lot in achieving a freshly baked breads also pizza dough and pie crust.

More recipes mean more fun and happiness with the family. I can't afford to let either of this two out from the kitchen. It plays an important role in accomplishing any cooking job.

If you want to cut down on the steps, there are plenty of the newer bread machine that can even set the brownness of the bread. Check out this Panasonic bread machine review, this is going to be my next purchase. If you are using any bread machine that you want to recommend, please drop me a comment or message. Thanks! Happy baking.

Usefulness of Toaster Oven

Do you still use toaster oven for cooking? I do, because it still really a better choice for some occasions.

Even though we have purchased a convection oven, our toaster oven is still in the service. Our oven toaster is smaller than the microwave oven. And I am still using it for cooking foods efficiently thou. It helps a lot that is why I can not afford to get it out of my way.

Here's how I use my toaster oven:

1. Heat small amount of foods.
I use toaster oven to heat already baked breads, already cooked lasagna, and some slice of pizza. Because it is a little smaller, it's enough to handle a few pieces for a single meal. Its easy to achieve sufficient temperatures than preheating in a big convection or microwave ovens. Saves time and energy.

2. Toasting
We love toasted garlic, nuts, and sliced bread for toppings. A cup of almonds or peanuts is good to toast in a toaster oven, fast and even more crispier. Small amount of nuts toasted and grind for toppings on fresh salads, cupcakes or cake. Or, sliced bread toasted to make croutons can also benefit the toaster oven.

I know there's a lot more to enjoy with the toaster oven. But for me this is a quick help for small amount of foods for a single use. And if there is a need for larger amounts of foods to be cooked or baked, I head on to convection oven.

Although microwave oven or convection oven works as a toaster oven, I always consider the time and size. What is important is that I manage to serve an even tastier meals for the family with ease. And budget matters as well. The faster the oven can heat and cook the foods the less amount of electricity and time.

I therefore keep my toaster oven besides having a good convection oven. They both have different quality and services to offer for the family. If you have any more quirky uses for your toaster oven, drop us a comment below.

Article Source:OvenreviewsHQ.com

Are You Taking Care Of Your Hands?

Moms, are you taking care of your hands? Too much exposure  to kitchen and cleaning disinfectants can harm your skin, do you use a hand gloves when cleaning? How do you keep a smooth and soft hands all the time?

Probably you should try these practice as I do. Because like me, mothers are always exposed to dish washing soaps, laundry detergents and cleaning detergents. They all have strong chemicals that may harm our hands to be rough and dry. The effect is we will have a wrinkled hands. Some skin may be too sensitive that will lead to rushes and scars.

I hardly use bleaching soaps for white clothes and hand wash to thoroughly wash away stains and dirt on the collars. Also I hand wash shoes and bags.

Washing Dishes

When cleaning and hand wash using detergents and bleaching soaps I make sure to wear rubber hand gloves. This is one way to avoid direct contact to harsh chemicals. Also to avoid my hands on too much soaking on the waters with the cleaning soaps. Cleaning detergents takes away a lot of oils from your skin, that is why soaking your hands for too long may result to cracked and dry skin as well.

Applying a hand creams helps my skin maintain its smoothness. I use to apply as many times as I could. Before bedtime I massage my hands with hand creams to allow the moisture to deeply penetrate to my tired skin. During day time after I finished the cleaning and washing, if I am sure I am not using any detergents for a while, I make it sure to apply a hand creams to bring back the moisture to my skin.

Once or twice a week I use sugar and honey mixture to scrub my fingers. Sugar and honey is a very good moisturizer that is available from my kitchen. Natural and easy way to take away dry skin and allow moisture to renew the skin. Before bedtime I apply hand moisturizer and use a cotton gloves then wear clean rubber gloves over it and leave it for the whole night or at least an hour, to tighten up your skin. There are plenty more use for a good honey natural skin product, it's really like a magic potion.

That is how I take care of my hands effectively. Because my hands produce delicious foods, I should have a clean, smooth and soft hands all the time. And that is my number one mantra.

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